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Understanding Basic Human Needs

the-need"A stable home and family environment is all the more critical to the physical and emotional healing of those veterans who suffer from combat related injuries."


More than a half-century after psychologist Abraham Maslow’s 1954 book, Motivation and Personality, psychologists are still using his hierarchy of needs to determine what must be achieved on the journey to self-actualization. From basic life needs such as sleep, shelter, order and stability, a person moves to higher-level needs including family and friendships and respect from others. They use this foundation to pursue more abstract goals, such as personal growth and realization of potential, with the final level being self‑actualization.

Unfortunately for our nation’s veterans, this path is often disrupted. The psychological and physical tolls of military service can undercut their needs, from disintegration of families to impediments on basic human needs, such as physical disability, alcohol/drug dependency, unemployment and other traumatic events.


The Valor Club has incorporated Maslow’s hierarchy into its core mission of helping veterans live, play and thrive.


The housing dilemma is one of the greatest challenges young veteran families face today. Living with friends, family or in substandard housing are not sustainable scenarios, which creates overwhelming pressure and hardships. This fundamental need must be met before veterans can begin their journeys toward self-actualization. The premise of The Valor Club community begins with well built, accessible and affordable neighborhood housing that is safe and secure.


Veterans will find comfort and camaraderie in social groups and sports. Whether it is team sports, health goals or adaptive golf, The Valor Club members have opportunities to create meaningful connections with others who empathize with their struggles and recognize their achievements. This is extraordinarily therapeutic and why it is such a fundamental part of this community.


By being with family and friends, living in safe, secure housing and rediscovering their potential, veterans will have the foundation to pursue new futures. This community not only includes organizations and programming to support and encourage this growth, but also serves as a support structure. Through The Valor Club’s strategic partnerships, veterans will have access to educational, financial, and employment assistance. These avenues will allow members to thrive as they are guided toward self-fulfillment and maximize their potential.