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The Veteran & Family Support Center

"In keeping with San Antonio’s tradition of embracing, supporting and encouraging members of the Military, The Valor Club is the embodiment of what we as a community intend for our Veterans. Building this one of a kind community, focused on the unique needs and desires of Veterans and their families is a remarkable testament to our respect and love for them. As the mayor of San Antonio, I fully support the effort bringing The Valor Club and its Live, Play, Thrive mission to fruition." - Mayor Ivy Taylor, 2016

At The Valor Club, there is a compelling need to bring organizations and consultants into a single place to assure a sustainable, productive connection is made between veterans and those who can help in the transition process. The Veteran and Family Support Center allows these professionals to take appointments and present sessions geared toward helping veterans take charge of their futures. This support hub is critical to every member of The Valor Club community and it fits naturally into the very heart of the development.


There is great interest in the business community in hiring and working with veterans. The Valor Club will establish and nurture relationships with the business community to ensure that employers and mentors become an intrinsic part of life at The Valor Club. These relationships and the exchange of ideas and opportunities that flow from them will foster an atmosphere of optimism and success.

There will be a point in this progression where the veteran is situated comfortably and confidently enough to focus on the future. At this point, with the full support of family and friends, it is it time to thrive! This is the ultimate goal of The Valor Club. Whether it be a new and challenging job, a career representing our great nation as an Olympian/Paralympian or a life in service to others, The Valor Club’s purpose is to see its veterans achieve this pinnacle of success. We believe each veteran and family member that succeeds at this level will be a magnet for others. This is the engine that will ensure The Valor Club continues to serve these wonderful men and women and their families for generations to come.