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Fitness & Sports Programs

By engaging with veterans ranging from those long since retired to those about to separate, we have gained meaningful, gut level insight into the transition process. Focus groups have told us that veterans, especially those with physical injuries and emotional scars, consistently point to overall fitness as a compelling need. Competitive and recreational sports present opportunities to enhance and improve their long-term rehabilitation. These activities help to rebuild their confidence and self‑esteem.

A world-class fitness center and all-weather lap pool is planned, as well as The Valordome, which will provide Olympic and Paralympic style training and competition for veterans and their families. The Valor Club will also feature golf, cycling (both paracycling and otherwise), shooting, archery and a wide range of adaptive sports, along with recreational sports activities such as swimming and fishing. These opportunities will be available to everyone living at or visiting The Valor Club.


As one of two adaptive golf courses in the nation, The Valor Club Golf Course will be a major source of health and healing for our veterans. We have learned that golf can play a very central role in coming to grips with the post-deployment/combat issues that haunt so many veterans. Somehow, the time spent with a comrade, in the outdoors, focused on the challenge of getting that little white ball to go where you want it to go creates a profoundly therapeutic experience. The friendly competition, the open conversation, and the time spent with a buddy that understands is a rare circumstance that helps and heals.

Our golf course is designed to accommodate virtually any limitation. The idea of a golf community focused on the unique needs of veterans and their families will be the ultimate testament to the health benefits of the game of golf. Additionally, The Valor Club Golf Course will serve as a place for the civilian population to meet and spend time with veterans in a setting that is catered to the veterans’ needs and puts them first.


Facilities will ultimately include a Fitness Center, Pool, Walking/Hiking Trails, Cycling, Adaptive Golf, Paralympic Sports, Air Rifle/Pistol, Archery, and BMX.