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The Responsibility of Our Citizens

responsibilityDaniel A. Pedrotti, Jr., President of The Valor Club & Foresight Golf, LLC, says, “The Valor Club is a tribute to the 46,000 returning wounded veterans, and to the 76,000 retired military personnel in San Antonio. We are attempting to provide a sanctuary where these men and women can live and play with their brothers and sisters who truly understand their circumstance.

“By providing them homes, rehabilitation opportunities and recreational facilities all in one place, we believe we can contribute to their overall well being, and in the case of those most recently back from war, we can aid in their transition back to civilian life. It was an act of Valor when each and every one of them signed up to defend our freedom; it was another act of Valor when they trained and, for some, it was a field of Valor when they engaged the enemy. Now it is our turn,” he says.

Pedrotti summarizes saying, “This plan has the potential to positively impact a very diverse range of people. From kids, to veterans, to the people with disabilities and to the retired, it is about hope and inspiration through community and competition.  It is a much bigger idea than any of us, but we have the expertise, resources and conviction to make it happen. The Southside, the City of San Antonio and beyond will be better for it. Additionally, The Valor Club will be a significant economic generator for the Southside and the entire city. It is destined to become a one-of-a-kind crown jewel for the city and one all of us will be proud to call our own.”

Vision and Guiding Spirit

San Antonio is home to 60% of all wounded servicemen and servicewomen returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. There are more than 150,000 veterans living in the San Antonio area. The Alamo City is known as “Military City USA” as a result of a rich history that spans three centuries and continues full-force into the future.

As America’s fighting men and women return from front lines around the world, they often choose San Antonio as a place to transition into civilian life. Many have suffered physical wounds and an even larger number carry the weight of psychological trauma resulting from their combat experiences – burdens they must manage in their daily lives for the rest of their lives.

We owe a debt to these courageous men and women, and to their families. It is a debt that can never be fully repaid but that does not absolve us of the obligation to do everything we can to repay it. Communication and healing happen when veterans, young and old, come together to play golf. Trust and empathy flow between those who served together; wisdom and perspective flow from those who served before.

The Valor Club will:

  • Serve our heroes and their families and help to soothe wounds both visible and invisible. It will be adapted with state-of-the art design and technology to allow veterans with physical limitations to play and compete.
  • Perform its mission in such a way that keeps pride, initiative and the spirit to adapt and overcome intact.
  • Provide a comfortable environment for younger veterans to share with each other and for older veterans to impart wisdom gained from a lifetime of managing their combat burdens – giving the older veterans a sense of purpose in the process.
  • Allow thankful citizens to participate in the process and to play alongside our veterans and their family members.
  • Infuse a historic and proud South San Antonio community with new investment and opportunity the area has not seen for several decades.

The golf course will be the centerpiece of a larger community initiative and series of partnerships that will surround it. These include a high-end veteran-centric housing complex with a third of the units adapted for veterans with disabilities, an age-in place retirement community focused on veterans, Paralympic style sports facilities, parks and green spaces and more. The essence of the vision and guiding spirit of The Valor Club Golf Course and its surroundings can be summed up in three words – LIVE, PLAY, THRIVE. A safe and secure living environment combined with the healing power of sport will provide the synergy to help our veterans and their families thrive.