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A Master Planned Community Dedicated to Veterans & their Families. 
Located in the Heart of San Antonio, Texas

The Valor Club is a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization

The guiding spirit of The Valor Club is to serve our nation’s military veterans who have given so much of themselves for our nation. San Antonio is home to a large number of veterans, many of them wounded veterans who have decided to retire in “Military City, USA” after their service to our country. For every veteran with physical wounds, there are many more who bear the burdens of post-traumatic stress.

Our Mission is to build, operate, and sustain an extraordinary community which is place of healing for veterans young & old. The Valor Club will provide our veterans and their families a safe, accessible, and affordable environment, quickly becoming America's preeminent place to Live, to Play, and to Thrive. It is founded on the idea that we can, and therefore we must, invest our talents and resources in the transitional process that veterans and their families face. Helping them face their new challenges at this level and on this scale will have a profoundly positive affect for generations to come.

The Ethos of The Valor Club: Live. Play. Thrive.

The Valor Club is a place where a veteran can find a support structure of comradery and understanding among folks with similar background and experiences. It is a place where the civilian community can pitch in with encouragement, concern, and expertise to help in the transition process. Together, these forces unite to build a remarkable community, custom fit and committed to the needs of veterans and their families.

The housing dilemma is one of the greatest challenges enlisted veteran families face. Living with friends, family or in substandard housing are not sustainable scenarios, which creates overwhelming pressure and hardships. This fundamental need must be met before veterans can begin their journeys toward self-actualization. The premise of The Valor Club community begins with well built, accessible and affordable neighborhood housing that is safe and secure.

Veterans find comfort and comradery in social groups and sports. Whether it is team sports, health goals, or adaptive golf, they have opportunities to create meaningful connections with others who empathize with their struggles and recognize their achievements. Engaging amenities foster competitive sports & fitness opportunities, creating a therapeutic atmosphere conducive to open and unfiltered communication among veterans and their comrades.

By being with family and friends, living in safe, secure housing and rediscovering their potential, veterans will have the foundation to pursue new futures. This community not only includes organizations and programming to support and encourage this growth, but also serves as a support structure. Through The Valor Club’s strategic partnerships, veterans will have access to educational, financial, and employment assistance. These avenues will allow members to thrive as they are guided toward self-fulfillment and maximize their potential. This is the point and entire purpose of our vision & efforts. Helping these remarkable men and women rise above the things that would otherwise hold them back will allow them to thrive.


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The Master Plan

A New Lease on Life.

The philosophy and therefore the design of a masterplanned community, in its best form, begins with the values, needs and wants of the very people that will call it home.  Done right, the family and the individuals that comprise the familiy are all taken into account before anything is built.  Safety, security, opportunity and comfort are all factors to be measured and addressed.  In the case of The Valor Club, the paradigm is family life after military service.  While we clearly intend to focus on the Veteran, we know that the rest of the familiy has to be taken into account.  Before the Veteran can truly tend to his or her needs, he/she must know that the rest of the familiy is in a good place.  Recongnizing that the family is the strongest medicine there is when coping with the transitional process, providing for and supporting the family is the best thing we can do to help.  At The Valor Club, we can and will do even more.


At the heart of The Valor Club Community is an array of outdoor sports and recreation.  Fitness, engagement and competition hold a special appeal and are therefor central to this unique commuity.  For most Veterans, the complusion to compete and maintain fitness comes from a relentless desire to be "mission ready".  This need must be satisfied or the same energy and drive can become an overwhelming negative force.  As a community, The Valor Club represents a place where others will make sure you are engaged and no one will be left behing.  This is familiar and comfortable and this type of support can be the pivot point for those in the most vulnerable stage of transition (0-3 years from separation).  This "Play" is also well known to be therapeutic, uplifting and confidence building.  This is key in the process where the ultimate goal is to "Thrive".


"A community is comprised of more than just physical place with buildings and open spaces. It is comprised of the people and their lives, their relationships, their efforts and their challenges.  It is a place where life is lived in the company of others.  Ideally, the folks that make up a community have similar experiences, goals and objectives.  These commonalities promote care and concern for the good of each other and the community as a whole.  It can be a very powerful force for the benefit of all its members.  Ultimately, the whole is much, much more than the individuals and/or parts.  Therein lies the motivation and commitment to bring The Valor Club to fruition. 

Master Plan Map (Click to Enlarge)


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By The Numbers

  • There Are Over 22 Million Veterans in America

    The makeup of our Veteran population is as such: 7 million are Gulf War and Post 9/11 veterans, 7.2 million are Vietnam-era veterans, 5.5 million are peacetime veterans, and 2.3 million are WWII & Korean War veterans.

    22 Veterans commit suicide every day.

    The veteran suicide rate is highest during the first three years following separation from the military.

    We must act swiftly and vigorously. 33.8% of veterans with a service-connected disability live in poverty, while the veteran poverty rate has grown 10% over the past five years. Approximately 9% of Post 9/11 male veterans and 10.8% of female veterans live in poverty.

    The Gulf War and Post 9/11 veteran population will grow from 32% of the total in 2014 to over 50% in the next 10 years, while the Post 9/11 veteran population is projected to grow by 50% by 2018. Statistics from the Department of Veterans Affairs paint a bleak picture for what's to come.

    • 34% of veterans are enrolled in the VA Health Care system, but ONLY 18% use the VA Health Care system.
    • 31% of Post 9/11 veterans have a service‑connected disability.
    • 65% of Post 9/11 veterans are between the ages of 25 and 44, with a median age of 33.
    • 56% are married and have families.
    • The median personal income of Post 9/11 male veterans is $29,900.
    • Texas is home to over 1,680,000 veterans; only California has more.
    • 22% (367,000) of Texas veterans receive disability compensation from the VA.
    • San Antonio is home to over 153,000 veterans – 250,000 when families are included.
    • Post 9/11 veterans are the fastest growing segment of the veteran population in San Antonio.
    • The percentage of Post 9/11 veterans living in San Antonio is 3 times the national average.

    "Our ultimate goal is to create a community of support for the veterans & their families."

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The Valor Club Challenge Coins

Honoring Those Who Served.

Members of the U.S. Military have a long-standing tradition of carrying a special coin symbolizing unit identity and 'Esprit de Corps'. Reflecting bonds forged in battle thousands of miles from home, these custom coins are known to generations of American Military Personnel as 'Challenge Coins'. They are a vital part of military life today and are revered by troops in every branch of the services. The Valor Club honors this tradition, and our veterans, with the LIVE-PLAY-THRIVE Challenge Coin.