The Valor Club  is a unique community in the historic heart of South San Antonio, Texas.

It will be designed, constructed and equipped with state-of the art equipment and trained personnel to allow persons with disabilities to enjoy golf while keeping the challenge of the game pure and uncompromised. The guiding spirit of The Valor Club Golf Course is to serve our nation’s military veterans who have given so much of themselves for us. San Antonio is home to a large number of veterans, many of them wounded veterans who have decided to retire in “Military City, USA” after their military service. For every veteran with physical wounds, there are many more who bear the burdens of post-traumatic stress.

Our Mission Statement


To build, operate and sustain an extraordinary place of healing in the form of a unique community in the heart of “Military City, USA” tailored for veterans, young and old – a place to live, to play and to thrive.

Live, Play, Thrive

    Our Vision

    The essence of The Valor Club Golf Course and its surroundings can be summed up in three words – LIVE, PLAY, THRIVE.


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Live, Play, Thrive

“San Antonio’s Southside is a vibrant, passionate and soulful community bound together by family and tradition.  Helping one another in times of need is a hallmark of this close-knit community and it is this virtue that distinguishes it from the rest.  It is in this spirit that my partners and I present The Valor Club.” – Dan Pedrotti, Jr.


This remarkable project will be centered around a very special golf course that is specially designed, built and equipped to serve persons with disabilities and particularly Wounded and Retired Combat Veterans.  In addition to this exceptional opportunity for healing, The Valor Club project will offer unparalleled Olympic style and Paralympic style training and competition, several junior athlete facilities and opportunities, an extension of the Salado Creek Greenway and an abundance of open space and parkland.


Surrounding all the opportunities to play will be very high quality housing in two primary styles.  There will be an age-in-place retirement campus on one side of The Valor Club Golf Course and a gated, high quality apartment village with accommodations included in 1/3 of the units on the other.  With these two components in place one can have what is needed to live a full and exciting life.


We like to say – Live, Play and Thrive.  The Valor Club will earn its place in the Southside Community on a daily basis as it provides much needed help and opportunity to a very special group of people that we all know and love.  Veterans, kids, Seniors and everyone in between can benefit from such an endeavor.


We appreciate your visit and thank you for your support.

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